History Of Sindhi Language

History of Sindhi language Sindhi is spoken by about 25 million people in the province
of Sindh. It is written in modified Arabic script in
Pakistan. The largest Sindhi-speaking city is
Hyderabad, Pakistan. The religion of Sindhi
speakers in Sindh is Islam but Hindu Sindhis who
migrated to India after partition of 1947 are still Hindus and they still register their mother tongue
as Sindhi. Key dialects: Kachchi, Lari, Lasi, Thareli, Vicholo
(Central Sindhi), Macharia, Dukslinu (Hindu Sindhi),
and Sindhi Musalmani (Muslim Sindhi). There is a big conflict between heirs of Sindh
and experts of language about Sindhi Language
history. It is said that in ancient period of Mohenjo
Daro people apt to write on leather and cloth
pieces and also used wood to write on. As period
passed these writings destroyed and vanished away in earth and when the discovery was made
they found no sign of these writings. And thus
there is less evidence of these writings. Writings
made on stones and rocks were discovered which
are half discoveries, many of these coins and other
proofs of language are less and some are broken. Before reading or trying to understand writings
on Mohenjo Daro seals, picture and other
discoveries experts of language declared
relationship of Sindhi Language to other
languages. Some experts said it a part of Samma's
languages and some announced it a duaghter of Sanskrit language. But it is neither a Sanskrit
language nor a part of it. This conflict took bitter
position when religious groups involved in it. They
become firm on there evidence and refuse to
accept it as a pure language. One of them were
Hindus, who called Sindhi language as a language made from Sanskrit and some other languages
and other were Muslims who started joining it s
relationship to Arabic and Samma's period.

About 800 seals and writings have been found
in Mohenjo Daro, on which different pictures,
drawings and signs are drawn, About 400 of them were understood and that was old Sindhi alphabet
of that time. According to Hinter Brahmi, Sibain,
Safain, Saipret & Foneshen arise from Sindhi
Language.(1) In 1970, 4 scientists of Finland,
Askoparpola, Sipo Coskeneamy, Semopoparpola &
Pinete asserted that they have understood language of Mohenjo Daro and they declared it
Drawari language because some words of Sindhi
Language were present in Drawari languages. But
they could not reach the truth that old Sindhi
language has impacts on Drawari language and
language of Mohenjo Daro is Sindhi not Drawari.
Doctor Parpola, Semoil & other scholars of
Russia verified that they have been successful in
reading writings of Mohenjo Daro.
According to
them "Language of Mohenjo Daro is mother of
Drawari languages. From which Drawari languages
took birth."
(2) They also gave some proofs by showing those seals. Some of these words are
present in Sindhi Language. Some words are
shown below:
(1) ﻲﭠﺍﻮﻨڪ (2) ﻲﮣﭰ (3) ﻱڙﻮڪ (4) ﺮڪﭼ (5) ﻮﻴﭡُﻣ (6) ﻞﺒﻃ (7) ٽﻣ (8) ﻲﮁﻣ (9) ٽﻮڪ (10) ُﺭﺎﻧ (11) ﻝﺎﻣﮄ (12) ٽﮐ
Experts of language are united on that point that this is the language of Indus Civilization and
this is the language of Sindh and it has impact on
Indian languages. Found of signs in Babul and
Mesopotamia shows that when people of Sindh
went there for trade they spread their language.
And signs matched to signs of Mohenjo Daro are a proof.
Everyone has to accept that Sindhi is the
production of Sindh, Sindh is its only heir & it bears its individual cultural and historical position. Sindhi is older then Sanskrit.

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